Air Elementals are a type of Elemental that have control over the element of Air. As such, they are granted a number of abilities. Most reside on Aero Isle.


The use of powers is directly determined by the skill of the Elemental, the more skilled they are, the stronger their powers become.

An Air Elemental can manipulate the air, creating gusts of wind, some strong enough to knock people off the ground. They can also create mini-cyclones at the cost of a large amount of energy. They can also run at high speeds, as well as having a very light touch.


  • Can fly for short periods of time
  • Can hold their breathe for several minutes
  • Can breathe out air instead of carbon dioxide, but quickly suffocate upon doing so.


Air Elementals are weak to smog and pollution of the air. While they can purify the air, doing so often causes them to become sick, especially in large quantities. There powers are also nullified if they go below ground, or are trapped in small areas. (Therefore, most, if not all, are claustrophobic.)