Alessia Mallen
Alessia Mallen
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 20 (698)
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'5
Weight 143
Build Normal
Dominant Hand Ambidextrous
Skin Shade Pale
Rank Next
Home Castellum dei Ayztraele
Affiliation Mallen Family;

Castellum dei Ayztraele

Birthplace Greece
Family Mallen Family
Native Language Greek
Second Language English
Languages Spoken Ancient Greek · Latin · English · Spanish · German · Italian
Creator MattShadow
Role-Play Yes
Canon Yes



Alessia was born in Greece under the Byzantine Empire. Most of her life was uneventful until a raid on her town by a wandering Vampire. She was bitten along with the rest of her family, but turned before he could feed on her. Soon, another Vampire showed up and killed him, and upon noticing Alessia, took her under his wing. She followed around with him for the next many years, until they eventually founded what would be the beginnings of Safe Haven of the Castellum. However, after adding several more vampires to their family, they found themselves in conflict with the Vanthim. They lost the battle, and fled Europe to the west, eventually reaching the Americas. They traveled further in until eventually discovering the final location of the Castellum, and constructed it from there. After a century, the Vanthim discovered them again, and subsequently went to war. However, this time they won and created the Safe Haven. She has lived there ever since, guiding Vampires to it and protecting its border.


Alessia is a very caring person, contrary to the stereo-typical vampire. She cares for her family and everybody in the Castellum, but will do everything in her power to defend it from outsiders. She is a morning person, and can usually be scene at the lake or the forest hunting big game. When she is not in either of these two places, she can be found in her room at the advanced dorm or in The Common.


Long blonde hair with light eyebrows. She has teal blue eyes and a pale complexion that some say looks flawless. She enjoys wearing sports-grade jackets (generally white).

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