Audrey Reha
Solitary Werewolf
Species Lesser Immortal
Type Werewolf
Aura Purple
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 17 (89)
Date of Birth June, 8th, 1923
Fur Color White
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 lbs.
Build Slim
Dominant Hand Left
Skin Shade Pale
Home A small town outside of Liberty City
Birthplace Prague, Czechoslovakia
Mother Judita Reha (Deceased)
Father Vladimir Reha (Deceased)
Native Language Czech
Second Language English
Languages Spoken Czech & English
Creator Doctor Lenoica
Role-Play Yes
Story Yes




Judita and Vladimir were a Jewish couple who raised their two children in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In the modern day, it's the capitol of the Czech Republic. Their oldest daughter was Charlotte, whom at the time was the apple of quite a few men's eyes. Then there was Audrey. Just the normal child. 

And normal she was until the second world war came along. When the Germans occupied their home country, the Rehas took shelter in a neighbour's basement. This was pefect for two years. Then Audrey couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't take the isolation, the lack of food, the lack of fresh air. Seeing the old way out of the country was through a network of underground smugglers.

When she was sixteen years old, her family of four set out for New York City, United States. They travelled with these groups for months and months at a time. Taking the long, hard ways through countries. 

The first to go was Judita. She died crossing through the Russian wilderness with little energy and less food. They buried her in a shallow grave and Vladimir refused to leave the site of her grave. So they had no choice but to leave him. Though it's uncertain what ever happened to him, it's most likely he died there. 

Charlotte almost made it to the city. Had she not been caught two weeks before Audrey boarded the boat she may not have been alone for all those years. Even Charlotte's death is uncertain.

Finally, by the time she was seventeen, Audrey stepped off the boat into the city of New York. She thought she was finally free. 

How wrong she was. Hardly two weeks after arriving in the city Audrey was changed by a werewolf, becoming one herself. The one who changed her brought her back to his pack. She joined for a short period before going off on her own only days before the pack was destroyed by hunters in a massacre.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Not really interesting, more sort of sad, she's the only one of her family left living after 1941. The last to die was Charlotte, whom spent her final days in a Nazi death camp.

Character Type: Dynamic

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