Controllers are a rarer type of Psy-Human, however they are among the most powerful as they are able to make people do things and command them. Most Controllers are limited to around 3-4 people they can control at one moment. Controllers are mainly considered an Offensive type of Psy-Human.


Psy-Humans can look like any different race and people. They don't have any features that sets them apart from normal people except that all Psy-Humans have heterochromia, or that is that both of their eyes are different colors.


Controllers most often take a lone wolf style persona. They prefer staying by themselves and generally only care about themselves. They usually believe they don't need others, even when they generally become needy on others they control to do all their work.


Controllers have the ability to manipulate and control people to force them to do things. Generally the Controller has to see the person to control them, however stronger Controllers can retain control of somebody even after they can't see them anymore. If a Controller focuses his/her power, they can take full control over somebody for a long time, however they wouldn't be able to control somebody else for more than a few minutes or else their hold over that person would break.

All Shields can use the Psy-Network.


When enhanced by an Enhancer, a controller can control/manipulate up to 3-4 people simultaneously. When enhanced, they can also take permanent control over somebody with little to no trouble at all. However when the Controller isn't being enhanced anymore the permanent control goes back to normal.