Earth Elementals are a type of Elemental that have control over the element of Earth. As such, they are granted a number of abilities. Most reside on Terra Isle.


The use of powers is directly determined by the skill of the Elemental, the more skilled they are, the stronger their powers become.

Earth Elementals are able to move stone, earth and rocks, and can shape it to any extent. Their main attacks are generally done by forming projectiles out of stone and then launching them at their target. They can also form body-armor out of stone and maintain it for short amount of time, rendering them immune to most forms of attack. Earth Elementals are also able to carve out the Earth, creating tunnels to use.


  • Can feel vibrations of objects that touch the Earth
  • Always know their rough geographical location
  • Stronger underground


Earth Elementals are unable to use their powers if they are not in direct contact with the Earth, and their powers gradually weaken the higher up they go. (Thus most are afraid of heights). They are also weak when around water, as they cannot manipulate mud, or any rocky material in liquid form.

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