Elizaveta Orlov (Елизавета Орлова)
Species Human
Type Hunter
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 16
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6
Build Thin
Dominant Hand Right
Skin Shade Pale
Rank 1
Division LITF
Home San Diego, California; The United States of America
Mother Slava Orlov
Father Aleksei Orlov
Native Language Russian
Second Language English
Creator Captin' Rin

Main InfoEdit

Full Name: Elizaveta "Ave" Orlov

Date of Birth: November, 24th - Age 16

Interesting Facts:

  • She is one of the youngest hunters to graduate

Character Type: Static

Species: Mortal/Human (Hunter)


Ave's personality can be unpredictable. She's usually determined and level-headed, yet when she wants to be she can be violent and fierce. She doesn't easily become attached to something or someone, but when she does come to love/like someone/something, she'll fight to the death for it. The only thing she's ever loved to a degree would be her boyfriend, whom she was with for two months before they split.

Because of her parents' death, Ave has a deep, boiling anger within that is permently stationed inside of her.


Only 20 days after Ave’s first birthday, both of her parents were killed by psy-humans—Controllers to be exact—in a dispute over a roaming psy-human. Since not determined otherwise in either will, Ave was put into the Hunters’ system.

It seemed she was born with a talent for shooting a gun, as even from the first days of target-practice, she excelled in front of her classmates. From that point on she enjoyed training more than schooling, even though for the most part she excelled there as well.

At the age of 14 she entered the Hunter Partnership Program, and became one of the youngest hunters to graduate. After a couple of successful missions, she received the tan mark on her badge.

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