Empaths are a common type of Psy-Human. Empaths can read the emotion(s) of any person that they can see, as well as nearby people. Empaths can also project emotions onto people, making them feel any emotion of the Empaths choosing. Empaths are a Mind type of Psy-Human.


Psy-Humans can look like any different race and people. They don't have any features that sets them apart from normal people except that all Psy-Humans have heterochromia, or that is that both of their eyes are different colors.


Empaths take on a caring personality. They feel like they need to help people. However, some Empaths can be harsh, due to them finding emotion weak.


Empaths have the ability to read any persons emotions that they can see and are nearby. They can also tell what emotion you were feeling if they see a video or picture of you from the past. They can also send emotion to another, making them feel what another is feeling, or just making them feel an emotion the Empath chooses. Empaths can also link with another and the linked person can feel any emotion the Empath feels. Empaths can also negate all emotions in a person or themselves.

All Empaths can use the Psy-Network.


When enhanced by an Enhancer, an Empath can imprint everybody in a particular room, or even to somebody they knew well in the past. They can also permanently cancel emotions in a person.