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Making Your CharacterEdit

The first thing you need to do is to make an account, once you done that. You have to create your character and apply below. To do a character you have to make a forum with the name of your character.

After your Claim has been approved, you can make a character page!

After you have a Character page, make a Word Bubble!

List of Role-Playable speciesEdit

Main article: Species of Era


All Psy-Humans - (Wizard Island)

  • Movers - Can move objects with their minds.
  • Controllers - Can take control of another with their mind.
  • Empaths - Can read and manipulate the emotions of others.
  • Telepaths - Can read the minds and thoughts of others.
  • Shields - Can project a shield to block attacks by others, immune to Telepaths and Controllers.
  • Shadows - They can hide others or themselves from Detectors and from the perception of other people.
  • Detectors - Are able to locate people around the world through personal objects or memories, as well as see locations.
  • Copy-Cats - Can temporarily copy the abilities of other Psy-humans.
  • Enhancers - Can enhance the abilities of Psy-Humans through direct contact.
  • Negators - Can negate the abilities of nearby Psy-Humans. (They are often hated by pretty much all types due to their ability, often work for the Hunters or live in Liberty City as opposed to others.)

Lesser ImmortalsEdit

  • Vampires (Castellum dei Ayztraele)- Fast and Agile beings that have fangs and claws, but still can be killed normally, and drinking blood makes them stronger. They look normal, except when they transmorph, they grow claws, fangs, and their eyes change colors.
  • Werewolves (In Progress) - Normal people with enhanced smell and strength, can transmorph into a Werewolf whenever they want to, although, it is a painful process so they don't do it unless needed. In Werewolf form, they are some of the strongest creatures in the world.


  • Human (Liberty City) - Normal people, often are unaware of the supernatural. (If Dynamic, Humans can become any other being in EraVerse, minus Kitsune, Naga, or Immortal) Are the most common type on the planet.
  • Hunters (Location: In Progress/Liberty City) - Humans that have become aware of the supernatural and wish to eradicate/contain them, in order to save other humans. After training, have heightened skills, as well as an arsenal of weapons.

Word Bubble!Edit

Once you have your character, you'll need a word bubble for role-playing. Word Bubble is a template made for what your character does and says.


Jenny Ander

Jenny Telepath

Age= 16     Height= 5'5"     Weight= 128 lbs
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Blood Type= A-
Aura Color= White     Hunter Tag= pTp-14#198pF

07:14, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

Here is what you'll need to put once you are making your character's template:

{{Word Bubble
 |image = just the image name, again with the .png, .jpg, whatever
 |color = top background color
 |color2 = bottom background color
 |textcolor = top text color
 |textcolor2 = bottom text color
 |line = middle line color
 |fonttype = font
 |charname = your character's first name
 |charpage = character's name (use proper capitalization)
 |species = species (Psy-Human, Lesser Immortal, etc)
 |type = what type is he/she?
 |title = leave this blank unless you know what it is
 |time = {{{1}}}
 |text = {{{2}}}

To use your template on a page you just have to put this:

{{Name of your character|~~~~~|text}}