Fire Elementals are a type of Elemental that have control over the element of Fire. As such, they are granted a number of abilities. Most reside on the Pyric Isle.


The use of powers is directly determined by the skill of the Elemental, the more skilled they are, the stronger their powers become.

Elementals of Fire are able to conjure fire at a whim, as well as ignite objects they touch on fire. Their greatest ability is the manipulation of fire, allowing them to shoot fire bolts or breathe out fire. Fire Elementals are also able to increase the temperature of objects they are touching as well, and can boil water. They can also put out fires as well.


  • Immune to being burned
  • Resistant to smoke inhalation
  • Can withstand Lava for short periods of time


Fire Elementals lose their powers in the presence of water, and thus try to stay away from it. They are also unable to create or ignite fire when the atmosphere is humid or damp.