Battle of Freetown, Sierra Leone
Other Names
Battle for Freetown
1st Battle of Freetown
Battle of Sierra Leone
Part of Hunter/Vampire War
Location Freetown, Sierra Leone
Side1 50 LITF Hunters & 30 Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF)
Side2 132 Kriane Family of Vampires
Important Information
Type Battle
Planned By Hunters of the LITF Division
Objective Eliminate the Kriane Family
Date January 12, 1988
Executed By LITF Hunters
Casualties 107 Kriane Family Vampires

43 Hunters & 30 RSLAF Soldiers

Outcome Hunter Pyrrhic Victory;

Dissolution of the Kriane Family

The Battle of Freetown, Sierra Leone was a strategic strike by the Hunter Organizatin in alliance with members of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces on the Kriane Family located in Freetown.

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