Friendly: Hunter
Neutral: Psy-Human, Special
Unfriendly: Vampire, Werewolf

Mortals are the most abundant species on the planet. They are estimated to have around 7 billion living at the current moment. However, the majority of of them do not even know of the existance of any other species. Nevertheless, of the small percantage that do, they are determined to capture and eliminate any threat to the Human race.

All characters start off as a Mortal.

The Hunter OrganizationEdit

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The Hunter Organization is comprised of a number of Humans that want to capture and exterminate every other non-human species in existance, and make Humans supreme. They respond to threats that involve any of the other species and will protect any human that needs it. They are very organized and committed to their goal, and will do almost anything to accomplish it. While the majority of the members are human, the organization does tolerate low level members to be non-human if they prove themselves.

Sub-Types of HumansEdit


One of the main sub-types of Humans are known as Immuno-Humans. This sub-type of Human is immune to being turned into any type of Lesser Immortal, and thus are used as front soldiers by the Hunter Organization.


Breakers are a unique type of Mortal, in that they are extremely powerful unto themselves. They posses superior strength, speed, agility, and healing factors that normal humans. However, they are still vulnerable to being changed into a Lesser Immortal, and are extremely rare as well.