Ice Elementals are a type of Elemental that have control over the element of Ice. As such, they are granted a number of abilities. Most reside on the Frozen Province.


The use of powers is directly determined by the skill of the Elemental, the more skilled they are, the stronger their powers become.

An Ice Elemental has the ability to manipulate Ice. They can freeze water or liquids, as well as unfreeze them. Their main ability comes from the manipulation of the freezing water, allowing them to shape it into any form. Once it's in frozen form, they can launch it like a projectile.


  • Don't slip on Ice
  • Can move on Ice without walking or running
  • Immune to cold temperatures
  • Aura of coldness


Ice Elementals are weak in warm temperatures, and in especially warm climates, their powers are rendered useless except in small quantities. They also get extremely tired in hot climates, and prefer to stay way from them. They are especially afraid of fire, as the heat melts the ice and renders their powers weak.