Lesser Immortals are the main branch of the Species of Era. They consist of a variety of species, including Vampires and Werewolves. They are the most common of the 6 main types, however they are not the most abundant.

Lesser Immortal SpeciesEdit

  1. Vampire - A blood sucking species that have heightened agility. While they are not harmed by sunlight, they prefer the night.
  2. Werewolf - Normal appearance until transmorphing, then heightened strength and senses, most notably smell and hearing.


The Kitsune are an intelligent fox-like species that live in harmony with the Draken. Unlike the other species, the Kitsune do not have a normal humanoid form and exist only in their Fox form. However, some Kitsune can temporarily transform their shape to that of a Human, however most mess it up and end up in a more anthropomorphic Fox form.


All Lesser Immortals live a lot longer than the other types, not including Immortals. They all have the ability to transmorph into different beings.