The Classroom is where all the learning and teaching in the school is done, and you will find students in here doing work all the time.

From here, you can return to the Hallways.

List of classes can be found here (for more information on Classes, click this link):



  • Basic Math (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • Algebra I (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Algebra II (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • Geometry (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • Calculus I (11th Grade) Teacher:
  • Calculus II (12th Grade) Teacher:


  • Pre-Algebra (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • Advanced Algebra (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Geometry and Trigonometry (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • Pre-Calculus and Superlative Algebra (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • Analytical Calculus (11th Grade) Teacher:
  • Multi-Variable Calculus (12th Grade) Teacher:

Other MathEdit

  • Statistics and Probability Teacher:
  • Math Analysis; A History of Numbers Teacher:

Grammar and Literature (English)Edit


  • Basic English (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • Basic Grammar and Constructs (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Writing and Advanced English (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • Classic Literature (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • American Literature (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • British Literature (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • World Literature (11th Grade) Teacher:
  • Advanced Language (12th Grade) Teacher:
  • Advanced Literature (12th Grade) Teacher:

Other EnglishEdit

  • Journalism (I) Teacher:
  • Newspaper (II) Teacher:
  • Yearbook (III) Teacher:
  • Complex Grammar and Constructs Teacher:


  • Etymology (I) Teacher:
  • Speech (II) Teacher:

History and GovernmentEdit


  • Basic History (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • World History -1914 (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • World History 1945-2001 (11th Grade) Teacher:
  • The World Wars and Political Impact 1914-1945 (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • A History of Britain and Its Empire Teacher:

Government and PoliticsEdit

  • Historical Politics Teacher:
  • Modern Politics Teacher:
  • Cold War Politics Teacher:
  • Government and Political Ideologies (12th Grade) Teacher:
  • Laws & Codes Teacher:
  • Democracy in Action Teacher:
  • Communism; Past and Present Teacher:
  • Basic Law (I) Teacher:
  • Advanced Law (II) Teacher:
  • Empires of the Globe Teacher:

World Relations and the GlobeEdit

  • International Relations Teacher:
  • World Geography (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Europe and the Globe Teacher:
  • The North American Tribes and Cultural Impact Teacher:
  • South and Central America and Spanish Influence Teacher:
  • Africa and Colonial Colonization Teacher:
  • Asia; Mass Culture and World Impact Teacher:
  • Oceania and Indigenous Populations Teacher:

Religion and PhilosophyEdit

  • Religion and Global Impact Teacher:
  • Ancient Religions Teacher:
  • Hinduism Teacher:
  • Christianity Teacher:
  • Judaism Teacher:
  • Islam Teacher:
  • Buddhism and Shintoism Teacher:
  • Greco-Roman Mythology Teacher:
  • Norse and Pagan Religions Teacher:
  • Modern Religions Teacher:
  • Religious Theory Teacher:
  • Philosophy (I) Teacher:
  • Eastern Philosophy (II) Teacher:
  • Western Philosophy (II) Teacher:
  • Modern Philosophy (II) Teacher:

Social StudiesEdit

  • Sociology Teacher:
  • Psychology I Teacher:
  • Psychology II Teacher:
  • Human Geography and Migration Teacher:

Family and Consumer SciencesEdit


  • Early Childhood I Teacher:
  • Early Childhood II Teacher:
  • Day-care (Kindergarten) Teacher:
  • Human Development Teacher:
  • Childhood Psychology Teacher:

Life SkillsEdit

  • Independent Living Teacher:
  • Leadership Teacher:
  • Public Speaking Teacher:
  • Family Dynamics Teacher:

Culinary SkillsEdit

  • Gourmet Foods
  • Foreign Dishes and Foods


Basic SciencesEdit

  • Science Skills (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • Earth Sciences (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Biology (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • Chemistry (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • Physics (11th Grade) Teacher:

Advanced Sciences (12th Grade)Edit

  • Advanced Biology Teacher:
  • Advanced Chemistry Teacher:
  • Advanced Physics Teacher:
  • Independent Research Teacher:
  • Geology Teacher:
  • Astronomy Teacher:
  • Physiology Teacher:

Technical SciencesEdit

  • Keyboard Teacher:
  • Programming I Teacher:
  • Programming II Teacher:
  • Programming III Teacher:
  • Advanced Programming Teacher:
  • Cybernet; Global Inter-Connectivity through the World Wide Web Teacher:
  • Software and Hardware design Teacher:
  • Basic Engineering (I) Teacher:
  • Advanced Engineering (II) Teacher:

Arts and TheaterEdit


  • Drama I Teacher:
  • Drama II Teacher:
  • Drama III Teacher:
  • Drama IV Teacher:
  • Drama V Teacher:
  • Drama VI Teacher:
  • Theater Design Teacher:
  • Script and Play-writing I Teacher:
  • Script and Play-writing II Teacher:
  • Theater Arts Teacher:


  • Art I Teacher:
  • Art II Teacher:
  • Art III Teacher:
  • Art IV Teacher:
  • Art V Teacher:
  • Art VI Teacher:
  • Graphic Design I Teacher:
  • Graphic Design II Teacher:
  • Art Concepts Teacher:
  • History of the Arts Teacher:
  • Renaissance Arts Teacher:
  • Sculpture Teacher:
  • Photography I Teacher:
  • Photography II Teacher:
  • Photography III Teacher:
  • Video Design I Teacher:
  • Video Design II Teacher:
  • Creative Writing I Teacher:
  • Creative Writing II Teacher:
  • Fashion I Teacher:
  • Fashion II Teacher:
  • Fashion III Teacher:
  • Fashion IV Teacher:
  • Conceptual Art Teacher:

Physical EducationEdit

  • Recess Activities (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • P.E. (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • Advanced P.E. Teacher:
  • Competitive Sports I Teacher:
  • Competitive Sports II Teacher:
  • Physical Training Teacher:
  • Lifting Teacher:
  • Yoga Teacher:



  • Band I Teacher:
  • Band II Teacher:
  • Band III Teacher:
  • Band IV Teacher:
  • Band V Teacher:
  • Competitive Band Teacher:
  • Jazz Band (I) Teacher:
  • Advanced Jazz Band (II) Teacher:


  • Orchestra I Teacher:
  • Orchestra II Teacher:
  • Orchestra III Teacher:
  • Orchestra IV Teacher:
  • Orchestra V Teacher:
  • Competitive Orchestra Teacher:


  • Choir I Teacher:
  • Choir II Teacher:
  • Choir III Teacher:
  • Core Choir I Teacher:
  • Core Choir II Teacher:
  • Core Choir III Teacher:


  • Guitar Theory (I) Teacher:
  • Classical Guitar (II) Teacher:
  • Modern Guitar (III) Teacher:
  • Advanced Guitar (IV) Teacher:
  • Electric Guitar Teacher:

Music TheoryEdit

  • Music Appreciation; A History of Music Defined (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • Music Theory I Teacher:
  • Music Theory II Teacher:
  • Music Theory III Teacher:
  • Song Composing I Teacher:
  • Song Composing II Teacher:
  • Maestro/Conductor 101 Teacher:

Marketing and EconomicsEdit

Marketing & BusinessEdit

  • Intro to Business and Marketing (7th Grade) Teacher:
  • International Trade and Business (10th Grade) Teacher:
  • Advanced Marketing (I) Teacher:
  • Sports Marketing (II) Teacher:
  • Marketing Co-Op Teacher:


  • Intro to Economics (8th Grade) Teacher:
  • World Economics (9th Grade) Teacher:
  • Currency Teacher:
  • Personal Finance Teacher:

Foreign Language (Grades 7-12)Edit


  • Spanish I Teacher:
  • Spanish II Teacher:
  • Spanish III Teacher:
  • Spanish IV Teacher:
  • Spanish V Teacher:
  • Spanish VI Teacher:


  • French I Teacher:
  • French II Teacher:
  • French III Teacher:
  • French IV Teacher:
  • French V Teacher:
  • French VI Teacher:


  • German I Teacher:
  • German II Teacher:
  • German III Teacher:
  • German IV Teacher:
  • German V Teacher:
  • German VI Teacher:


  • Latin/Roman Culture (I) Teacher:
  • Latin I (II) Teacher:
  • Latin II (III) Teacher:
  • Latin III (IV) Teacher:
  • Latin IV (V) Teacher:
  • Modern Latin (VI) Teacher:

Mandarin (Chinese)Edit

  • Mandarin I Teacher:
  • Mandarin II Teacher:
  • Mandarin III Teacher:
  • Mandarin IV Teacher:
  • Mandarin V Teacher:


  • Italian I Teacher:
  • Italian II Teacher:
  • Italian III Teacher:
  • Italian IV Teacher:
  • Italian V Teacher:


  • Russian I Teacher:
  • Russian II Teacher:
  • Russian III Teacher:
  • Russian IV Teacher:
  • Russian V Teacher::


  • Arabic I Teacher:
  • Arabic II Teacher:
  • Arabic III Teacher:
  • Arabic IV Teacher:
  • Arabic V Teacher:


  • Portuguese I Teacher:
  • Portuguese II Teacher:
  • Portuguese III Teacher:
  • Portuguese IV Teacher:
  • Portuguese V Teacher:


  • Japanese I Teacher:
  • Japanese II Teacher:
  • Japanese III Teacher:
  • Japanese IV Teacher:
  • Japanese V Teacher:

American Sign Language (ASL)Edit

  • ASL I Teacher:
  • ASL II Teacher:
  • ASL III Teacher:


  • Esperanto I Teacher:
  • Esperanto II Teacher:
  • Esperanto III Teacher:

Additional Language CoursesEdit

  • Language Families and Structure Teacher:
  • A History of Language Teacher:
  • Language Constructs Teacher:
  • Braille and Morse Code Teacher:

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