A man moves through the shadows of a back end alley, drifting out of sight of an unsuspecting couple that have graced the man with their presence.  An auroma of scents follow the two, displaying their lives over the past couple of days to the hidden figure.  He watches the two pass him, following their trail with his eyes.  They reach the end of the alley and twist into the next as the figure begins his pursuit.  He strides past a trashbin and passes the corner without making a sound.  The couple laugh together at a joke as they look at each other with comfort.  The man smiles at them before disappearing out of sight.  A crash from behind them interrupts the couple from eachother.  The woman grabs the man's hand and they turn around behind them, but nothing stands out.

"This just got real creepy real fast.  Let's get out of here," she peeps, folding her fingers deep into the palm of his hand.  Her boyfriend nods in agreement and they turn back towards the front and jump at the sight of a lone man standing ten feet in front of them.

"What are you two doing out here on this chilly, autumn night?"  He bellows from his chest.  If the two weren't so startled they would have noted how much weight he carried with his voice.  The guy responds, a hint of agitation in his voice.

"Sorry man, we're just trying to get home, so if you would excuse us, that would be much appreciated."  He leads his girlfriend forward in an attempt to pass him, but he doesn't budge an inch.  He frowns at his response.

"It is generally polite to respond to a question when asked.  Now, what are you two doing out here so late?"  Both of them could tell that something was off, so they started to backtrack in direction.  The woman whispers something into his ear and he turns his head to reassure her, and when they turn to look back at the man, he has disappeared from in front of them.

"Let's get out of here John, fast."  They pace backwards the way they came, but nearly crash into the figure, who has somehow materialized behind them without the couple noticing.

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