Sierra Parker
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HunterofArtemis12 Character

Full Name:Edit

Sierra Parker

Date of Birth:Edit

January 18th, 1998.


Sierra is determined and sarcastic. The combination of these two is portrayed with a slightly dry tone. Her humor is laughable but mostly it sounds dramatic and like sarcasm. She is also very loyal (see history) and determined.


Sierra had a fairly ordinary childhood. At age 5, she started wondering if alternate powers really existed but of course pushed the absurd though away. Her parents were both working and rarely had time to spend with her. Sierra spent her free time after school with sports and homework. Sierra also had a tragic moment at age 12 when her sister was hit by a truck when out riding her bike. Since her death, Sierra grew sadder but more determined about protecting the ones she's loves.


Sierra has shoulder length brown hair that she likes to curl. She wears clean clothing and boots or sandals depending on the season. She has brown flickering eyes and a light smile.

Interesting Facts:Edit

  1. Sierra has always been fascinated at the concept of magic.
  1. Sierra loves to collect things like coins and brochures



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