Friendly: Psy-Human
Unfriendly: Hunter

Specials are a branch of the Species of Era. They consist of a variety of sub-species, with abilities ranging from teleporting to shape-shifting. Each one of the sub-species has a unique ability(ies) to its class. Every two types represent a different class of the three aspects of the world, Life, Reality, and Form.

Special Sub-Species/TypesEdit


  1. Immortal - A type of Special that can revive upon death, recovering back to normal, unless their head is severed.
  2. Medium - A type of Special that has the ability to see/hear/commune with the dead, as well as know when somebody close to them dies.


  1. Jumper - A Special that has the ability to teleport to any place that they can see or know what it looks like.
  2. Shifter - A sub-type of Special that has the ability to alter people's perceptions of objects or people, however the effect is not permanent.


  1. Morpher - A Special that can shape-shift into any animal they know of.
  2. Phaser - A type of Special that has the ability to temporarily become intangible, rendering them immune to harm but unable to affect anything until they become tangible again.