The Second Life of Adrian Amity is a series of stories detailing the life of Adrian Amity after leaving the Castellum and arriving in Liberty City, meeting some new friends.


Main CharactersEdit

Adrian Amity (Vampire)Edit

Protagonist, 7 year vampire, aged 17. He recently arrived in Liberty City after traveling for a couple years since leaving the Castellum dei Ayztraele. He is rather mysterious, and very protective of his new found friends. He is also incredibly cautious, and prefers to remain on utmost guard around strangers and potential threats.

Selena Cole (Human)Edit

The daughter of Avery Cole. She is mischievous and a carefree individual who attempts to find out Adrian's secrets and past through a variety of escapades.

Thomas Stan (Human)Edit

Selena's best friend, who doesn't trust Adrian. He is protective of Selena, and thus follows her in her various escapades to try to be with him.

Benjamin Costa (Human)Edit

A knowledgeable individual who attempts to protect his friends from any threats.

Minor CharactersEdit

Tracey "Mirage" (Human)Edit

A stripper that Adrian sees occasionally. Goes by the stage-name Mirage.

Alessia Mallen (Vampire)Edit

The Second-in-Command of the Castellum dei Ayztraele, and good friends with Adrian.


Avery Cole (Vampire)Edit

The father of Selena, he was turned into a Vampire by an unknown Vampire, and knows who and what Adrian is. He is in charge of a faction of Vampires in Liberty City.

Miles (Werewolf)Edit

A powerful Werewolf that first appears in Precipitant. He attempts to take control of Liberty City by forcefully creating an army of Werewolves to kill the Hunters.


Dying to LiveEdit

Adrian talks with Alessia Mallen before leaving the Castellum.

Coming HomeEdit

Adrian arrives in Liberty City 7 years after he left, and immediately runs into trouble.


A powerful Werewolf arrives in Liberty City and attempts to take control of it by creating an army of Werewolves.

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