Water Elementals are a type of Elemental that have control over the element of Water. As such, they are granted a number of abilities. Most reside on the Aquatic Isle.


The use of powers is directly determined by the skill of the Elemental, the more skilled they are, the stronger their powers become.

A Water Elemental is able to completely manipulate water, as well as any other liquid that contains water. (The ability to manipulate this liquid is directly proportional to the percent of water contained in it.) They can also remove impurities from a body water, although doing so in large quantities (greater than a few liters) can result in the Elemental becoming sick.


  • Can breathe underwater
  • Can walk on water
  • Can purify liquids


Water Elementals are weak to a variety of things. When in the presence of high heat, their powers weaken, and after long exposure, lose their powers. They are also unable to manipulate Frozen water (Ice), or water in a gaseous form. Contaminated water can also cause a Water Elemental to become sick or weak.