Name of your Werewolf
Transmorphed Werewolf
Species Werewolf
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Status Alive, Injured, Dead, Comatose, whatever your character is now.
Age Current age for your character, for Role-Playing Werewolves, age is anywhere from 14-60
Date of Birth When was your werewolf born?
Date of Death Only if dead**, date of death.
Fur Color Color of your fur when transmorphed.
Eye Color Color of your eyes.
Hair Color Color of your hair (NOT TRANSMORPHED)
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Weight How much do they weigh?
Build Skinny, Normal, Lean, Fit, Muscular
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Skin Shade Tan, Dark, Brown, Pale, White, etc.
Rank Clan Member, or rank applicable once you join a Pack.
Home Where do you live?
Home Boarding at Wolf Plaza, or elsewhere if applicable.
Affiliation Clan/Pack
Birthplace Where was your character born?
Family Does your character have any family?
Mother Mother, not necessary
Father Father, not necessary
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This page is all about Werewolves. A Werewolf is a creature that appears to be human, but can change into an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature at will. Contrary to popular belief, werewolves can Transmorph at any time, though they must during a full moon.


Life ExpectancyEdit

The Average Werewolf lives around 1700 years, to 2100 years. The Oldest recorded Werewolf was 2327 years old.


  • Super-human Strength
  • Heightened Agility
  • Incredulous Healing Factor
  • Prone to Rage


  • Transmorph takes around 8 seconds without interference and 16 when holding back.
  • Anthropomorphic Wolf-Like Creature.

How to become a WerewolfEdit

The only way to become a werewolf is to be bitten or scratched by one while the wolf is transmorphed.


The Werewolves do not have a set leader, just many different clans. The clans are like states, but they lack a central government. The individual clans do make alliances with each other, but nothing usually permanent. Clans themselves however are further divided into packs, which generally consist of a Pack Dominant, who runs the Pack's operations. For a list of packs in the Wolf Plaza clan, go here.


Werewolf groups are very fluctual in its leadership. Clans consist of a Clan Leader, followed by a First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant and Pack Dominants, and then followed by a Sub-Dominant appointed by the Clan Leader.


Every member of a clan follows the toughest member. This individual, called the Clan Leader by Hunters and Vampires alike, orders around all the other members. The Leader can be challenged for his position at any time by anybody. They fight to the death and the winner becomes the new leader.